About w3briefing

In 2022, w3briefing was formed with a clear goal in mind: to explain the decentralized web.

w3briefing (web 3.0 briefing)

We are a website committed to assisting individuals in comprehending this brave new world:

We endeavor to offer unique coverage of the biggest topics, incisive profiles on the industry’s movers and shakers, and entertaining instructional content to connect the dots, whether it’s trustless networks, privacy coins, or oracles.

About w3briefing

Our goal is to emphasize what is truly important to our readers while also providing a toolkit for understanding the fundamentals. We offer a road map for Web3 doers to assist them in traversing the area and finding the skills and resources they need to create the industry for themselves.

I. Emphasize the importance of narrative.

We only share articles that are meaningful to our readers. Those tales must interest our readers, provide a captivating story, improve their grasp of the decentralized web, and, most importantly, assist them in making smarter decisions.

II. Just be honest.

We all know that even the most well-intentioned technology may be abused. We want to highlight what works while also raising awareness about scams, frauds, and poor technologies.